Incident Management InstFor over seventeen years, IMTC has been recognized as a full-spectrum All-Hazards incident management consultancy, providing solid and reliable solutions for federal, state, and local agencies, departments, jurisdictions, private and public companies, and non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) seeking to develop, implement, enhance, or sustain their current incident management capabilities.

Our Specialties

IMTC has refocused to specialize in national level incident management program analysis and research, curricula development, development of national level training courses, and design of HSEEP-compliant exercises for federal agencies. We no longer present ICS or position-specific courses courses to local, state, or regional agencies, except under our Federal agency contract for program enhancement.



Program Services

We are providing national level peer and background research, program enhancement, Standard Operating Guidelines, enabling instruments, plans, policies, procedures, and other related assistance to develop the nation’s incident management team capability.

Training Courses

We develop national level courses for the federal AHIMT program managed by the United States Fire Administration in order to enhance the development or sustainment of incident management capability for Type-3 All-Hazards Incident Management Teams.

Incident Management Related Products and Aides

Laminated wall-sized Operational Planning Worksheets (All-Hazards ICS-215 worksheets, ICS-215A worksheets) and the highly acclaimed All-Hazards Incident Management Team Response and Planning Guide (AHIMT-RPG) are described.