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Geographic Information Systems Specialist (GISS) Course Presentation for the National Capital Region

Configuring computers as we kick off the Geographic Information Systems Specialist (GISS) course for the National Capital Region and attendees from Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

This course is designed to meet the training needs of an All-Hazards Geographic Information Systems Specialist (GISS) to manage the geospatial information needs of All-Hazards incidents managed using the NIMS Incident Command System (ICS) following GIS Standard Operating Procedures (GSTOP). The products and data are used by All-Hazards Incident Management personnel within GIS applications for analyses to support strategic and tactical incident operations and planning. This course, the All-Hazards Incident Management Geographic Information Systems Specialist (AHIM‑GISS) course is based on the current wildland fire NWCG course but has been more focused on the All-Hazards response environment. The course combines lecture, discussion, and individual and group exercises in an on-line and classroom environment. All hours, pre-work, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities, Course Objectives, and Unit Objectives of the NWCG course have been retained and are intact. The course is being taught by instructors approved under the NWCG qualifications for instructing the NWCG course