Developing a solid and sustainable incident management response capability for your entity is a serious commitment of your time and finances. Using a consultancy with a solid track record of successes is the smartest, most cost effective and least risk option. IMTC’s nationally recognized development and management experts can conduct incident management gap analyses to determine current capability. Based on that analysis, they will provide a clear, effective, and straightforward path to significantly enhance your capability to handle today’s elevated threat environment. We have developed and implemented numerous ICS training and qualifications/credentialing programs in large and complex environments including statewide and regional initiatives and have the expertise to assist you. » More Info

The only training consultancy or training provider with the NEW 2016 All-Hazards Incident Management Team Response and Planning Guide as a textbook. Students of IMTC courses will learn through interactive scenarios to use the Guide in the classroom and will be able to keep it as a valuable resource to carry with them as they respond to incidents and events. We are adapting the scenarios within the courses to utilize the Guide to promote a higher level of interactive training, student involvement, and participation. Our goal is to enhance our training to an even higher level of realism and interaction, minimizing the amount of PowerPoint® lecture needed to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities the positions require. » More Info

IMTC’s experience in developing, conducting, evaluating, and mentoring personnel during annual, planned or “GIUE” National Level Exercises (NLEs), area or regional, State Level Exercises (SLEs), and local exercises is only a telephone call away. Using a wide range of scenarios, our incident management exercise team can provide trainees the opportunity to practice, refine, and hone their newly acquired incident management skills during functional, table-top, or full scale exercises. We also specialize in integrating opportunities for trainees to deploy during planned annual or regulatory exercises to minimize training time and maximize training opportunities whether they were developed under HSEEP, NPREP, or other regulatory guidance.» More Info